Can I use my own caterer and other service personnel?

Yes. Oak Hill Farm does not require you to use in-house caterer, florist, etc. However, we are more than happy to refer you to some of our preferred vendors.


Can we use sparklers?

Wooden sparklers only. Wire sparklers are not allowed.


How early can we have access to the property the day of the event?

Your lease time begins at 8 a.m.



What time must the event end?

Your lease time ends at 11 p.m.


Is there a charge for the ceremony rehearsal?

No.  However, there is a charge if you wish to hold your rehearsal dinner at the venue.


Can we store items onsite the day before the event?

Yes, provided we do not have another event booked that day. You must get approval in advance from Ann Weatherford.


Can we come back the next day to pick up items?

Yes, provided there is no other event booked that day.  You must get approval in advance from Ann Weatherford.


Can I use candles?



Will there be another wedding on the grounds on the same date as mine?

No. We never double book days.


Can we take our engagement photos on the grounds?

Yes.  You must arrange a date and time with Ann Weatherford in advance.